Tess Barber

Barber Signs

Design, Editorial, Print

Size Standard Portrait, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm. 236 Pages
ISBN Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9781320283113
Publish Date Dec 10, 2014
Language English

About the Book

Master pinstriper, sign painter, and commercial artist, Greg Barber, has curated his life into a work of art. The work he produced since the age of fifteen has evolved into a lifelong career as an artist, providing his customers with creative signs, car and truck lettering, pinstriping, airbrushing, custom motorcycle paint jobs, and award-winning graphics. Meticulously designed and published by Tess Barber, Barber Signs is a chronological summary of the oeuvre of her father and mentor, featuring a previously unseen personal archive of material including images, illustrations, and an extensive interview intertwined throughout the book. It is the first visual compilation on Barber’s career, capturing a generational change in America during the 1980s and ‘90s.

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Hardcover, ISBN: 9781320283113