Tess Barber
M.A.D. Methods: Sign Painter, Tess Barber

M.A.D. Methods

Film by: Jillian Black
Featuring: Tess Barber
Music: "Halo" by Blackbird Blackbird

MAD Methods is a short video series that aims to promote three diverse, up and coming artists, designers, and makers, while giving insight into their processes. The first video features Tess Barber, a Brooklyn based sign painter. The second highlights Julie Ellis, the owner and designer of Rais Case, a San Diego based brand that sells accessories and home goods. The last video turns the spotlight to the work of Travis Harder, a talented young surfboard shaper located in San Diego.

This series was inspired by my love for handmade goods, my appreciation for time-intensive mediums, and my desire to help preserve handcrafts that are now substituting people for machines. Additionally, these videos serve as inspiration for young artists, encouraging them to try new mediums, as well as, help the viewers gain a greater appreciation for the labor and skill that goes into creating these objects. As consumers, we are becoming more and more disconnected from the producers that create the items we use, wear, and eat everyday. By capturing these three craftsman through film, I was able to give these makers a voice and make them known to the buyers by face, not brand name.

Spring 2014. 

M.A.D. Methods: Sign Painter, Tess Barber